Ventilation Contractors Basingstoke

At H.A.C.S Ayres we provide ventilation services to our clients based in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. Our team of specialist ventilation contractors have many years of experience in providing the appropriate control systems for the job which you need.

Professional and Experienced Ventilation Contractors

Our team of engineers at H.A.C.S Ayres have an in depth knowledge of the mechanical and pipe work systems to compliment a heating contractors focus upon the whole system. This then provides a good working relationship with our clients based throughout Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, giving us a quick turn around on designing bespoke heating, cooling and building controls system.

Ventilation Manufacturing

H.A.C.S Ayres manufacture all rectangular and circular sections of ductwork, using the latest modern and top of the range technology, which is coupled with experienced sheet metal workers. All of our ductwork and ventilation systems are of DW/144 A Class Standards and hold a TR/19 cleaning standard from conventional sheet steel, stainless steal and even plastic.

We can also offer the fabrication of all types of metal including welded steel sections and frames:

  • Bespoke non-standard ductwork items with excellent availability.
  • Fire Rated ductwork constructed to the latest BS requirements.
  • Polyester Powder coated ductwork to any RAL colour you require.
  • Fully protected Swimming Pool ductwork systems.
  • Local Extract Ventilation including Dust, Solder and Fume Extraction
  • Ductwork is always manufactured to the relevant TR19 PDI Levels.

Natural and Mechanical Ventilation

Natural ventilation refers to the flow of fresh air to an internal space through temperature or pressure differentials. The most common natural ventilation methods rely on wind driven systems, for example through an open window, door or vent. It can also occur through the convection and the rising of warm air to the top of a building which draws in cool air at the bottom. However there are disadvantages of natural ventilation systems which can be dependant upon wind speed and direction or pressure systems which must maintain a temperature differential that relies on unequal temperatures throughout.

While opening a window may work in the home or smaller workplace, as buildings have grown and the health benefits of a constant flow of clean air has become fully recognised, mechanical methods of removing stale air and circulating fresh air have taken the place of natural ventilation.

Why Choose Us for Ventilation Contractors

If you are based in the Basingstoke or surrounding area and in need of Ventilation Contractors, then make sure you choose H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd. We offer a completely reliable and professional service to all of our clients. With a wealth of experience in ventilation you can trust you are in the right hands with H.A.C.S Ayres. We believe that we provide some of the best ventilation systems in the UK, along with installations we also provide ventilation repair and maintenance. We will provide competitive prices and we make our promise that any work we start will be achieved on time and in budget.

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H.A.C.S Ayres are HVAC specialists who have successfully served the UK’s commercial market for over 15 years! We offer the complete package from installation to your servicing and MRO requirements. Here at H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service at competitive rates without compromising on quality.