Heat Pumps Basingstoke

Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular method for space and water heating within new build and existing properties. Despite a few misconceptions there are a number of advantages of using heat pumps when compared to traditional methods.

Heat Pumps Services

Boilers work at around 75%-85% efficiency, which although seems good, when placed against the 300%-400% efficiency of Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps is nothing in comparison. For every 1Kw electrical input into the units you can expect between 3Kw-4Kw of heating output into your home, this is also known as the Co-efficient Of Performance or (COP). To get the most out of these units it’s a worth mentioning that the better insulated your property the more COP the units can run at, thus further increasing efficiency and decreasing energy bills. Should you feel that this would meet your requirements, simply give our team today who can talk you through the whole process when it comes to heat pumps. Our quality products and services are second to none, so should you require heat pumps in London and South East England, look no further, we can help!

Heat Pumps to Suit your Application

We can help you decide which Heat Pump is best suited to your application with a free no obligation site survey and once you’re happy, can supply and install this energy efficient technology which on average will pay for itself on average within 7 years and has a life expectancy technology of 25 years with minimal maintenance unlike the 14 year life expectancy from boilers. For more information on our heat pumps, simply call a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd can service, repair, maintain and install any make and model Heat Pumps for both indoor, outdoor domestic and commercial swimming pools including pool room de-humidifiers. Whether your pool room or spa is new or has been run for years, annual servicing of Heat Pumps is a must, this ensures the units are working as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Well maintained Heat Pumps have a life expectancy of 25 years or more, and is the most cost effective way of keeping your pool at a temperature which you require.

Choose H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd for Heat Pumps in Basingstoke

We can install heat pumps in a range of properties throughout Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced engineers have all the skills and knowledge needed to ensure you end up with a heat pump that meets your requirements. From geothermal to water and much more, we have all your heat pump needs covered. Whether it’s heat pump installation, repair or servicing you can count on H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd for heat pumps in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.