Air Conditioning in Basingstoke

For air conditioning in Basingstoke, H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd have you covered, we offer a selection of air conditioning installation services. Everything from the supply and installation, as well as the maintenance of the system.

Air Conditioning Services

At H.A.C.S Ayres we provide a free no obligation site survey for planned installations, we’ll assess the space, future heat load, the potential locations for the outdoor and indoor equipment and whether the owner requires control over individual rooms.

The equipment that we offer is supplied by world leading manufacturers and involved in providing only the best energy efficient and reliable systems to customers. This means that not only do our systems help to increase energy savings but they also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

When the air conditioning installation in Basingstoke has been completed, we’ll offer a demonstration on how to use and control the equipment as well as provide you with the knowledge on how to optimize the performance of your system.

Why do I need air conditioning?

There’s a number of advantages when it comes to having air conditioning installed, this includes…

  • Numerous health benefits
  • Improved air quality
  • Computer equipment and servers kept cool
  • Increases productivity
  • Saves space compared to free standing units
  • Ability to change the temperature to suit personal needs
  • Comfortable environment for visitors
  • Reduces mood swings

Bespoke air conditioning

At H.A.C.S Ayres we offer a wide range of air conditioning systems, from single split systems in your home or office, to full ducted systems and supplying clean conditioned air to your retail outlet or school. We’ll also provide the right information in order to meet your requirements.

Why choose H.A.C.S Ayres?

Whether your property is small or large, our team of qualified designers will work alongside you and make sure that you receive the best climate control solution for your specific building and environment at a cost-effective price. Here’s why you should call our team…

  • Quality air conditioning and ventilation
  • Free site surveys to determine your requirements
  • Commercial air conditioners
  • Industrial air conditioners
  • Design, supply and installation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Emergency call outs

Should you require air conditioning across Basingstoke make sure that you make H.A.C.S Ayres your first port of call. As a leader of air conditioning installations in the area, our registered engineers will support your requirements.

Contact H.A.C.S Ayres for air conditioning in Basingstoke

As the leading choice for air con services throughout Basingstoke, H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd are the experts you can count on for the best services. For both commercial and domestic clients, our professionals are here to cater to your every need. From air conditioning repairs to servicing, let the team at H.A.C.S Ayres Ltd take care of you. Simply call us today to find out more.